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A little update on Fiona, she has gone back to her owners because she has eaten all of my weeds and started on my baby vines and other plants. My Bay trees, an Olive tree and a Mulberry tree came in for particular attention and I had to take her back before she decimated everything else. Sad to see her go but she has more appropriate things to eat now.

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Meis – Farmyard   5 comments

I had a trip over to Meis island a few days ago and before we left it was interesting to see the boats in Kaş harbour being prepared for the new season. Here’s a really cute looking little gulet looking all shipshape and ready for her owners to enjoy the summer.

My favourite of the bigger boats is this one, she has lovely sweeping lines and a very purposeful air about her.

Coming into Meis harbour it was easy to see that they have been preparing for the new season too. Lots of new paint and an air of expectation about town.

Meis entrance

But the streets were nearly empty

Meis street

and the day trippers from our ferry we were almost the only ones there.


Walking around the back streets I saw this tree that had just come into leaf on a balcony

and this heap of soil that had thousands of nasturtiums all over it making a bright show.


My garden has taken on the air of a farmyard today, that description includes the smell. My neighbours left their donkey to eat the weeds a few days ago and I suggested they leave it with me on a more permanent basis because I’ve noticed that it doesn’t get much good stuff to eat. It has to make do with whatever is growing along the roadside, in a few weeks it will be sparse and dried out so my garden will be perfect as we head into summer. I am pleased about it because I can use the manure on the bits I want to encourage too.


I should point out for anyone worried that it is not eating the oleander that is next to it.

Then this morning young Hassan brought their two goats to browse in the corner where there is a lot of young scrub oak (maquis) which they love.

Finally, Aslan turned up, he came bounding up the drive full of the joys of spring and obviously feeling fit and healthy after his bout of sickness. It is heartening to see his recovery and to know that the medication I gave has made a difference.


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Just a short update to say that I hadn’t seen Aslan for week since taking him back to his owners. I hoped everything was okay and they were giving him the tablets every day. Well I saw him yesterday evening just as I was going out and he was jumping around in the road outside my place and trying to get me to play with him. He is obviously a lot better, his skin seems to have lost it’s tendency to flake off but he has bare patches which I assume will eventually regrow. The way he jumped around meant that his feet must have been better too, his eyes are still a bit weepy but then they always seemed a bit like that anyway. He generally seems full of the joys of spring, I’m more than pleased.

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Egg dog   3 comments

I was down in Kaş this afternoon enjoying the warmth when a big cloud came over the horizon to sit right on top of me. Just as I pushed the door to the bank to pay my monthly Social Security Health payment my phone rang. I saw that it was a friend of mine in my village and when I answered she had bad news for me. My white dog, Molly, was round at her house and had been chased there by a very angry village woman shouting and screaming.

Dogs that upset the local domestic animals don’t last long here, so I was dismayed to hear that Molly had been caught red handed, more correctly yellow mouthed by the owner of chickens. It seems she had discovered where the chickens laid their eggs and had been seen with yolk dripping from her mouth. Normally she looks as though butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth and won’t touch anything edible in my house unless I first put it in her dinner bowl or physically give it to her.


She has made a serious error of judgement this time.

Luckily the woman who owns the chickens (her name is Safiye) is a neighbour and friend of mine and I have bought some eggs to replace the ones eaten. I don’t know how many Molly ate but I bought a couple of dozen so hopefully that will placate Safiye and compensate her for the eggs.

Molly is going to have to have some training in order to teach her to leave the eggs alone, I don’t know how I’m going to do it, hopefully I can find some ideas or lessons on the internet but if not I’ll just have to come up with something myself. Wish me luck.

While I’m talking about dogs I thought I’d update the story last week about Aslan. I took him to the vet in Kalkan a few miles away for some tests and it was found that he has a disease called Leish Maniasis. This is a particularly nasty disease that dogs can suffer from and if not treated it can kill them. All the symptoms that he had are typical of the disease and Hasan the vet had no trouble in diagnosing him, he even had a little blood test specifically designed to confirm it. That was very disappointing but I bought the necessary medication from the pharmacy and started him on it then took him back to my neighbours and showed them how to administer the pills. There is sufficient medication to last for a month and I’ll get some more, it’s not expensive, when this lot runs out. We’ll just have to wait and see how he does.

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Turtles.   1 comment

Had another visit to the Greek island of Meis the other day, a lovely little harbour with a villagey feel to it on an equally lovely little island. I was a bit disappointed that the duty free shop had no brandy so I had to make do with a bottle of Glenfiddich single malt whiskey, poor me! As usual I also got two 400g bars of Cadburys Whole Nut chocolate.

When the Meis fishermen bring some fish back the restaurant owners usually clean them on the harbour side, I was going to say harbour wall but there is no wall, the road just stops and the water is next, you can easily take a wrong step and get very wet if you’re not careful. Well this day Angelos was cleaning and filleting a big fish and throwing the innards and spine into the water. I have often seen a big turtle swim up and eat the bits but this day two of them came and started to push each other out of the way to get the bits of fish. It was quite a startling sight to see the two of them performing all sorts of diving, wheeling and flying right next to where I was standing, like an aquatic ballet in three dimensions. I hadn’t taken my good camera with me so these photographs are only from my phone camera, apologies for the quality.

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For the past few years my sleep at night has been disturbed by my cat Stanley. He lies around the house most of the day and only stirs himself to stroll the few paces to the food and water bowls to keep body and soul together. Yes, I believe animals have souls, how could they give us so much pleasure if they didn’t?

Stanley likes to have a big feed at about two in the morning and then go out to check on what’s happening in the garden. To go out someone has had to let him out of the window, me. Then about two hours later, after he has chased all the little furry and scaly creatures back into their hiding place and maybe had a bit of a fight with another cat (the black and white murderer) he jumps up and hangs onto the window frame and scratches at the window to be let back in, me again. Well I was telling a lady friend about this and she said that she had fitted a new cat flap because her cat was bringing his friends in through the old one that didn’t discriminate and let all and sundry in. The new cat flap had a device that recognised a device on the cat’s collar and kept gate crashers out. Would I like to have the old one, she asked. What a nice offer I thought and said yes please.

The cat flap has been installed in the door at the front leading onto the patio and Stanley is slowly getting used to it. He doesn’t mind coming into the house through it from outside but going out through it seems to give him trouble. He sits and bats the flap for about ten minutes with his paw trying to make up his mind or gather the courage to push his way through it. The flap itself is transparent so he can see if there is anything scary hanging around outside waiting to pounce on him but he still goes through this routine. He was doing it the other day and I happened to have my new phone handy, it has a camera and I snapped him. Here he is:

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Another dog!   6 comments

I was quite happy with one dog but since Wilf’s departure Minnie has seemed to be missing the company of another dog. When I’ve been away she has been going up the road  a couple of miles to visit some friends who have five or six dogs. They didn’t mind and I was happy to fetch her back each time but the root cause wasn’t being addressed. I’d been thinking of getting another dog  and had my ear bent a bit to take a puppy but I preferred to have an older dog, in the end I took in this one because she had been abused by someone who had hacked her tail off. I’ll refrain from giving my opinion of what should be done to abusers of animals.

I have called her Molly after my niece’s baby daughter, she’s about 12 or 15 months old and is keen on chewing things, mats, shoes etc. In fact one of my rubber gardening shoes has gone missing altogether, I can’t find it anywhere so I hope she hasn’t eaten it.

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